If you know the BMX scene even just a little then you probably know how Amsterdam has nurtured an amazing talent yet again. Anyone who visits the Marnix Bowl has seen him flying by: Daniel Wedemeijer is on a nice roll these last few years and more and more often you’ll see him cycling across your computer screen! One day he’ll be in the spotlights during the Adrenalin Games in Russia, then he’ll be rolling around in the Grand Palais in Paris side by side with the best riders in the world and then you’ll see him, having just barely recovered from an injury, throw super sick backflips in the indoor park in Eindhoven! Or you can see the man shining during his interview on BNN, sure … 

Being the international rising star that he is it’s easy to forget that Daniel comes from Amsterdam and that he learned how to cycle right here! Daniel started BMX around his 14th and rolls around in his local bowl at the Eerste Marnixplantsoen like no other. Daniel ain’t halfstepping, on a good run he’ll be in the air longer than he rolls on the concrete … damn!

Daniel Wedemeijer 040 Orange Exclusive from Tom Lammerse on Vimeo.

Truly a Amsterdammer to be proud of, right? Check Daniel’s sponsors and follow him on the Interwebz:

Instagram: @wedemeijerbmx
Twitter: @wedemeijerbmx


Daniel Wedemeijer BMX Amsterdam