Although he isn’t from Amsterdam, this guy’s talents are so undeniable that we have to give credit to the man. No doubt about it Hollands’ most famous and best inline skater is the one and only mister Sven Boekhorst! Sven began rolling around in Den Bosch around 1994 and became a professional in 1998. And no mediocre pro, he’s competed in the X Games and to this day is the only inline skater who has won both the X Games and the Gravity Games and the ASA World Championships! Just like skateboarding professionals get their own board or BMX riders get their own frame Sven has his own rollerblade: the SB Pro Rollerblade. Mr. Boekhorst is truly one of the top professionals of the inline skating world and even has his own character in a video game: “Aggressive Inline” shows you a Sven Boekhorst that skates just as aggressive as Sven himself!

Sven Boekhorst's early days

Sven Boekhorst’s early days

When Sven isn’t rolling around in Area51, Skateland or in the new park in Den Bosch or ripping abroad than he’ll be doing other fun stuff such as organizing the Dutch and European championships and Mind the Gap races through his own company

All in all not bad for that quiet lad from Den Bosch, a.k.a. the silent assassin.

Action speaks louder than words so check out these clips below, one with Sven and his comrades on the spineramp on the Museumplein in Amsterdam and the Cityhopper edit that was created to celebrate the launch of his newest skate, some excellent Amsterdam footage starts around 6.00… skating on the Dam monument? Sven doesn’t think twice about it!

More info about Sven Boekhorst can be found on his website: