Skatemates has been lobbying for good skating infrastructure and it’s beginning to pay off: the city of Amsterdam is inviting YOU to drop by and share your thoughts on what a 3000m2 skatepark should look like! Monday the 20th of April we will get together at 20:00 at the cafe Eik en Linde on the Plantage Middenlaan 22 to talk about what Amsterdam’s biggest concrete skatepark yet should feature.
The Zeeburgereiland is a new city area that is currently being developed and inside this new area Amsterdam wants to build a big concrete skatepark. Everyone is welcome to drop by and share their ideas so let us know what you’d like to see and chances are you’ll be skating your dream design in the near future! Space is limited so please reserve a spot by mailing us at and we look forward to designing the most incredible skatepark the Netherlands has ever seen!


amsterdam maps zeeburgereiland

The Zeeburgereiland is a new city area that is currently being developed.

zeeburgereiland closeup

The innercore of the Zeeburgereiland will feature 2 soccer fields and one area for skate & BMX purposes along with other recreational areas that are to be determined.

The Fremont skatepark in California shown below is an impression of what a 3000m2 skatepark can look like. Please note, these are not the plans for our Amsterdam project!

fremont rendering 2800m2