When designing infrastructure for BMX and skating purposes it is common to hear complaints that the course is either too skate oriented or too much BMX influenced. But where some people see difficulties other people see a challenge: Tallinn, the city that has been hosting the annual Simple Session for the last fifteen years, now recognizes the importance of permanent infrastructure and will provide all of it’s BMX & skate enthusiasts with an incredible indoor AND outdoor facility!

Seeing the impressions and the progress made so far it looks like BMX riders & skaters in Tallinn, Estonia won’t be complaining much in 2016. An enormous indoor pool, an indoor pumptrack, an outdoor BMX track, an outdoor concrete streetcourse, a foam pit and a training center and a fully operational bar area, this facility truly is the next level for action sports! Scheduled to be finished in January 2016 the SPOT will be Tallinn’s latest and greatest action sports adventure to date! That is, until their next project comes along…

spot rendering overview
spot rendering overview indoorspot indoor rendering overviewspot rendering streetcoursespot indoor streetcourse renderingspot training centerspot pool progress     spot indoor course progress spot streetcourse spot bmx track overviewspot bmx track spot bmx track corner spot outdoor bmx track corner 2spot speedbump  spot indoor pumptrack

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