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The Skatemates website is mostly in Dutch, sorry about that, but by using Google Translate or Chrome as a webbrowser you can figure out what all the Dutch jibberish means with little to no effort. Sick ouwe!

Skatemates is the name that was used in the early 80’s to early 90’s by Europe’s oldest skateshop Rodolfo’s for it’s team of grommits and regular customers! Rodolfo’s was the first store in the Netherlands to start selling skateboard products in 1979, kickstarting the Dutch skateboarding and rollerskating scenes. Needless to say the store made an unforgettable impression on all that entered it’s doors.

The non-profit organization Skatemates is working hard on getting a professional, concrete & public skatepark so that the Amsterdam action sports can develop & grow for the next 30 years!

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