Unfortunately Amsterdam lacks professional skate & BMX infrastructure. This is why Skatemates has launched this website: to work on making this possible! Most countries in Europe have built large, concrete skateparks that cater to the needs of both skaters, BMX-ers and bystanders. Multifunctional, professionally designed skateparks inviting people to participate and/or appreciate so that people who do not skate will enjoy these facilities, just to have a look & hang out.

Would you like to help improve the quality of skateparks in Amsterdam?


You can do this by helping our Do-It-Yourself project with some funds that we will use to expand our DIY park. You can also help by liking and sharing our Facebookpage, by posting reactions to the items that we publish, and of course by sharing this website with as many people as you can! If it is possible to build large, professional skateparks in cities like Antwerp, Berlin, Copenhagen, Dublin, Frankfurt, Helsingør, Kortrijk, London, Malmo, Paris, Stockholm and Roskilde then why wouldn’t it be possible in Amsterdam?

Skatemates has written a plan that explains how professional infrastructure in Amsterdam can be realized and why it is a good investment. We would like to invite the responsible policymakers for a study visit to the beautiful Faelledparken skatepark in Copenhagen and Stapelbaddsparken in Malmo. We are convinced that once people see how well these public skatefacilities operate one automatically understands that Amsterdam also needs better skateparks!

Het skatepark van Copenhagen op een zonnige lentedag in 2012

The skatepark of Copenhagen on a regular spring afternoon in 2012