Logo screaming pigeon
What do you get when you combine one of the world’s most iconic skate graphics with our lovely city of Amsterdam, capital of glorious nation of Netherlandistan? Screaming pigeon VCJ tribute
Love him or hate him there is no skateboarder that has done more for the progression of skateboarding than Tony Hawk. ‘Mister Skateboard’ to the mainstream Tony is singlehandedly responsible for a countless amount of new tricks, being the first guy to land the loop and the 900, landing the worlds first stalefish 540 right here in Amsterdam and tearing it up all over the world even to this day… using his iconic Powell Peralta graphic created by VCJ our friend from Luxemburg Kim ‘the Butcher’ Schreiner drew up this wonderfull graphic for us to use. Want to support Skatemates and look stylish skating around town at the same time? Score yourself one of these t-shirts already! Ofcourse Amsterdam’s skateshops will have a couple in stock for you so go and check ‘em out! If they don’t have your size anymore you can always contact us & let us take care of it.
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