Check out our D.I.Y. skatepark that we’ve made! We’ve poured almost all the obstacles and now the concrete is drying. With your help and donations we have been able to build this awesome spot but we still need more support to pay all of our bills! Now that we have added all our bills we have had to raise our crowdfunding goal to €6500,- which means we still need around €2500,- more before we break even. Would you care to help us out?

Click the Skatemates crowdfunding button on the right of this page or make a donation directly on the bank account number 21 22 96 078 to the name of Skatemates. International payments are very welcome also, vielen dank, muchas gracias & merci beaucoup!

NAME:           Skatemates
IBAN:             NL81TRIO0212296078

BIC:               TRIONL2U

diy progress may 10
Step 4.3: corner laid out, some rebar set in place & more backfill coming together.

DIY progress may web lr
Step 4.2: put in the hours & get creative with it, this stuff is ready for the rebar!

Skatemates DIY 6

Step 4.1: more obstacles taking shape, thanks to Riga & Compeer for the pallets!

Skatemates DIY 5
Step 4: building curbs, bumps, quarters and whatever else we can imagine

Skatemates are building their own place to skate, help 'em out!
Step 3: stacking bricks to make the foundations of our DIY skatepark

Skatemates are building their own place to skate, help 'em out!
Step 2: brickpicking & collecting useful materials that most people consider waste

Skatemates are building their own place to skate
Step 1: cleaning the abandoned site in the Houthavens in the midst of winter