Skatemates wants to realize a world-class skatepark in Amsterdam. This plan explains why Hollands’ first professional, public skating facility with international appeal will be good for Amsterdam and it’s economy. The ‘Urbansportszone’ is a 3500m2 large multidisciplinary sports facility where urbansports come together in a public recreation park. The required budget of € 1.575.000,- is a sensible investment for the city and the sporting youth of the Netherlands that will pay itsself back within three years.

The above video is an impression of what a 3500m2 skatepark can look like, it is not the final design, source


Urbansports have become an integral part of our society. It covers all active recreation making use of the built environment. With help from events such as the X-Games the skateboard culture, the largest branch of the Urbansports, has become a permanent part of everyday life. Many skate related brands like Volcom and Vans have shops in Amsterdam and our city has at least 8 professional skate shops: Ben-G, Independent OutletRodolfo’sSkatestore Amsterdam, Skatezone, Soulcycle, ThisIsSoul and TOM’s!

Urbansports has various disciplines such as skateboarding, BMX and inline skating, bouldering (climbing without ropes), track or parcours (street acrobatics) and rollerskating. These sports all have in common that they can be practiced almost anywhere & all of the time. More and more young people choose individual sports over team sports. The accessibility of urbansports in combination with ever busier social schedules make a continued growth of these kind of sports plausible.


Services with an accessible nature have the greatest appeal. A high quality public skate landscape then becomes an obvious and economical choice. With the Urbansportszone Amsterdam realizes a unique place for teens and young adults unlike anywhere in the Netherlands but of which so many have been built already all throughout Europe.

Urbansportszone Amsterdam

The Urbansportszone is a city park with a skatepark inside of it. Purpose of the Urbansportszone is to stimulate active behavior in as many different ways as possible. To attract a large and diverse audience the skatepark is framed by facilities such as basketball- and pannafields, climbing walls and nice seating areas. Not only skating but also ballsports, turning, balancing, gymnastics, hanging and climbing are encouraged. All these different activities are incorporated in the design of the Urbansportszone. To facilitate shared use by beginners and more advanced riders there are areas with low, medium and high altitudes and obstacles. To successfully integrate all this into the Urbansportszone landscape at least 3500m2 are needed, about half a soccer field.

Het onderschrift van de foto.

The 4300m2 big skatepark in Malmo, Sweden

The Urban Sport Zone has four main function’s:

  1. The skating landscape
  2. Seating areas for relaxing & interaction
  3. Climbing obstacles
  4. Ballsports: basketball & panna fields


Poured concrete

All professional skateparks are made by using poured concrete: in-situ concrete which can be shaped in any conceivable design. In the Netherlands there is little to no tradition of working with poured concrete and almost all of the current skate facilities are made with modular elements. Poured concrete is the only method that allows for a professional skatepark because of 5 reasons:

1. The low price compared to other materials
2. The high quality of the final product
3. Long life and low maintenance costs
4. Every shape & design becomes possible
5. Lower injury risk due to smoother surface

Management & maintenance

In order to guarantee the social function and to keep the public sports facility attractive for the widest possible audience it is important that graffiti, litter, wear and other irregularities are immediately identified and taken care of. Additional facilities such as a canteen, free wifi, water fountains and seating areas must function well, in case of wear or damage it must be restored immediately. Management and maintenance should be provided by a foundation that operates the canteen, this way the costs of management and maintenance are recouped.

Investing in youth and local economy

Besides the great social added value, the Urbansportszone also has a positive economic impact on the city of Amsterdam. Of the investment costs of € 1.575.000,- approximately 70% flows back into the local economy directly through the purchase of necessary materials and services such as concrete, steel, electricity, landscaping and architects.
The Urbansportszone ensures additional revenue for the city’s economy even after the realization. Based on the number of visitors of the indoor skate facility in Amsterdam and similar urbansports areas in Copenhagen and Malmö, the Amsterdam Urbansportszone can expect a number of 60,000 visitors per year. Approximately 30% of these visitors are from outside of Amsterdam and approximately 10% of visitors come from abroad. The Dutch Central Bureau of Statistics uses the average expenditure per foreign tourist of € 56,- ​​per day during summer, domestic tourists spend an average of € 24,- per day. The additional annual revenue thanks to the Urbansportszone exceeds approximately € 660.000,-.
tabel extra inkomsten AmsterdamThis calculation does not include hotel or camping costs of foreign tourists and is based on the numbers of users of the urbansportszones of Copenhagen and Malmö, two cities which together are still much smaller than Amsterdam. The required investment of € 1.575.000,- breaks even within less than three years after which it will keep contributing to our capital for many, many years to come…

With the extra revenue and it’s long life expectancy the Urbansportszone is a good investment
that makes a healthy and active life possible for a large group of young people and young adults!