The Olympiaplein is one of the main skatespots of our capital. The smooth floor measuring around a 1000m2 is the main attraction here and there are a couple of concrete benches that are properly waxed up for your grinds and slides. There’s a sweet flatbar that used to be at the indoor NDSM skatepark that the locals put at Olympia to spice things up. For these reasons Olympiaplein is very popular with streetskaters who have plenty of space here for their flatground wizzardry and lines. The steel skate obstacles are rather slippery and therefore mostly overlooked when skating the Olympia. Thanks to the large open area, the smooth floor and waxed concrete benches Olympiaplein is considered to be one of Amsterdam’s best skate spots!

Olympiaplein 1 740

Olympiaplein 2 740

Olympiaplein skatepark.