Every once in a while you see pictures of a skatepark that make a big impression. You stare at the pictures and start dreamskating instantly! It’s not everyday that a big public space gets transformed into an inspiring environment made from smooth concrete. Usually these places can be found in the US but more and more examples are being built here in Europe. Malmo, Copenhagen and Stockholm are some of the best European examples but now we can rank Leszno, Poland among the ranks of Europe’s best skating structures!
skateplaza Leszno web
With only 71000 inhabitants Leszno is best described as a little town in the middle of Poland. Even a town like Purmerend is bigger, Zaanstad being more than twice as big as Leszno! Their relatively small size didn’t influence the ambitions of the city council of Leszno. By creating this skateplaza in the summer of 2012 the city of Leszno has provided it’s people with one of the best skateparks on the planet! Finding inspiration from the everyday urban elements this skatepark is designed to look just like ‘ordinary’ modern day city environment. The only difference is that every single thing is absolutely perfect to skate! We could go on and on about how amazing this skatepark is but we will just let the pictures do the talking…

Skateplaza Lezno 2
Skateplaza Lezno 3
leszno 1

Skateplaza Lezno 4
Skateplaza Lezno 5
For more info on this amazing skatepark please visit the website of the Leszno Extreme Sports Association.