Urbansports remain underexposed in Amsterdam’s most recent sports accommodation plan. We have written a recommendation report as a first step towards an integral multi annual plan for sustainable support for urbansports. Our report identifies 5 main objectives with which the BMX, skateboard & inline skate cultures can be supported effectively. The realization of a network of innovative, complementary urban sports facilities is the most important first step of this urban sports policy. We believe the most efficient way to stimulate people to practice sports is by providing attractively designed and well-maintained sports infrastructure.

The 5 main objectives of Skatemates are:

1. The implementation of our multi-annual plan ‘Amsterdam Urbansports City’
2. To effectuate the city wide skatepark system
3. To make sure that good facilities receive adequate maintenance
4. Making quality of facilities more important than quantity
5. Structural collaboration with communities for local, national and international events

1 Multi-annual plan ‘Amsterdam Urban Sports city’
Identifying opportunities in the early stages of development plans where urban sports can complement the sports landscape makes better integration into public space possible. This kind of optimization applies to both the distribution of facilities and the diversity of the intrinsic properties per facility. The multi-annual plan defines a schedule with concrete objectives to keep track of the degree of success of it’s implementation.

2 City wide skatepark system
As part of the multi-annual plan, Amsterdam will develop a city-wide skatepark system. A skatepark system is a comprehensive network of innovative, high-quality urban sports venues. Thoughtful and phased execution makes it possible for facilities to complement each other and it makes separate facilities function in conjunction with each other. The skatepark system creates the necessary variety and thus motivates beginners, enables talent development and challenges (semi) professional athletes. The objective of the policy is to upgrade the current Amsterdam infrastructure with 42 facilities of varying quality to a total of 52 well-functioning facilities by 2024.

3 Adequate maintenance of good facilities
The best way to maintain good facilities for a long time is by maintaining them periodically. Currently this is only done occasionally rather than structurally while maintenance and / or repair costs are not always in proportion to the quality of the facility.

4 Quality of facilities over quantity
Facilities that add little to nothing to the current urban sports landscape should
be replaced or removed to allow more effective redevelopment of these spaces.

5 Structural cooperation for local, national and international events
Structural cooperation between Amsterdam’s urban sports communities and the municipality of Amsterdam enables sustainable growth of these cultures. Social programs for activating the realized infrastructure include, among other things, lesson programs, local competitions, demonstrations and other events. One central information point within the municipality and one information platform with all the relevant info for urbansports offer insight in what Amsterdam has to offer.

Download our recommendation reports below however be advised that they are written in Dutch.

Meerjarenplan urbansports Amsterdam

Adviesrapport urbansports Amsterdam bestaande infrastructuur

Skateparksysteem urbansports Amsterdam