Looking at everything that the Haderslev StreetDome in Denmark will offer it is hard to imagine that this place will be reality around september 2014. Not only will there be a massive outdoor concrete skatepark with an incredible transition section and a big streetplaza, there are going to be several nice grass- and seating areas to chill out after the session. With a couple of parkours spots and a 30 meter high climbing wall the Skatecity will appeal to freerunners and climbers alike. The water bassin around the Skatecity area will make it an attractive place to reside plus it will offer kayak enthusiasts a place to practice their outdoor activities in the heart of the city.
haderslev rendering birdsview
Sounds pretty good so far, right? But how about those cold Danish winters? Well fear not because inside the iglo shaped StreetDome you will find a huge transition flowcourse, a cafe with seating areas, a basketball court, climbing walls and even central heating! Did we mention yet that all this will be entirely free to enter throughout the entire year? Take the virtual tour and check out this clip:

The budget for the StreetDome is set at € 3.620.000,- (27 million DK) and although it might appear to be a large sum of money for a city of no more then 21.000 inhabitants, Haderslev has put itsself in international spotlights by creating one of the most advanced skatepark & urbansports facilities in the world!

The city has made a tremendous effort to make this sporting facility become possible and granted a total amount of 14 million Danish krones to the Skatecity.
Realdania is a philanthropic organization that wishes to increase the quality of life through the built environment. Seeing how the SkateCity would increase the quality of many, many peoples lives Realdania agreed to fund this project with 5,5 million only to add another 1,2 million a year later making their total involvement an incredible 6,7 million Danish krones.
The AP Möller foundation recognized the regional, national and international potential of this cultural centre and donated 6,5 million Danish krones to make the SkateCity possible.
Lokale Anlaegsfonden (local construction foundation) develops recreational, sports and cultural facilities throughout Denmark and wants to enable people to live a healthy lifestyle. The foundation sees the Skatecity project as an ideal way to give new life to the classic concept of sporting facilities. Because the Skatecity has great architectural qualities and offers a broad range of innovative activities the foundation donated 5,5 million krones to this project to make it possible.
The Nordea fund is the non profit organization that wants to promote programs & initiatives that combine health, sports nature and culture. Adding 1,5 million to the Skatecity project they have helped make all the parkours spots around the skate areas possible.

haderslev rendering flowcourse
An outdoor skatepark combined with an indoor skatepark offering everything a skater could want, Haderslev will have it all & more!
The building has already begun and is progressing steadily. The StreetDome will be built by Grindline skateparks who are also responsible for the beautiful outdoor skatepark of Copenhagen.