Let’s look at some more beautiful skateterrain, shall we? Check out the diversity of the Fremont skatepark built by Wormhoudt skateparks. The design successfully combines a streetplaza with a flow bowl and advanced big bowl and also a more traditional streetcourse with bank to bank & hip elements. They even added a so-called impact section with big stairs, a ‘real’ handrail and Hubbas making this an amazingly well rounded skatepark, especially considering it measures ‘only’ 2800 square meters!
fremont skateplaza
Could skateparks like this Fremont example ever become a reality in the Netherlands? For now the quality of public skateparks in Holland remains below modern day standards with most skateparks being made with modular elements from fiberglass, steel or pre-fab concrete if your lucky… this makes us one of the last countries in Europe where we are still consistently wasting public funds on mediocre skate facilities. Skatemates has set out to make the public and city councils understand the true value of good public skateterrain so hopefully one day we can skate concrete like this in our little country…

fremont rendering 2800m2fremont impact section fremont deep bowlfremont snakerun