Although Switzerland is but a small country it has a reputation that spans all over the world. Known for their alps, chocolates, army knives, bank secrets, expensive Rolexes and how could we forget those Swiss bearings, right? But with this incredible addition to the Zurich skating infrastructure we might add Swiss concrete to that already impressive list. The Allmend skatepark was built in 2013 after a decade long battle for a good place to ride in the Swiss capital, take a look!zurich streetcourse panoramazurich streetcoursezurich bowlareaLooks like it was worth the wait: this 8500m2 public park featuring 5500m2 of skateable concrete has everything a skater or BMX rider could ask for. Stairs, flat areas, big transitions, small transitions, you name it. The entire park is lit at night, has lockers for your valuables and it even comes equipped with bathrooms! To top it all off the massive streetcourse connects to the transition section with a skateable bridge… that’s right, a bridge built for skating!

zurich skatebridge

Does your skatepark have a skateable bridge in it? Didn’t think so…

You can only imagine how stoked all the Zurich skaters must be to have a place like this in their hometown. And by the looks of it the BMX-ers aren’t complaining either because right next to this beautiful concrete landscape lie two massive dirt tracks for the BMX riders who prefer dirt tracks over concrete riding! As if having everything isn’t enough…

zurich skatepark birdsview

Birdsview of the 8500m2 Zurich skatepark and BMX dirt tracks in the background

It took a grand total of 4,6 million Swiss francs (roughly € 4,1 million) to make this multisports facility become a reality but with it being one of Europe’s biggest and most ambitious skateparks to date we’re convinced nobody at the Zurich council feels bad about making these investments. Some next level stuff right there in Switzerland, I say Zurich here we come!