You would think that the government of Madrid would have more important issues to worry about with their slow economy and the Catalonian independence movement and all. Starting this Friday the 23rd of February skateboarding in the streets of Madrid will be illegal! This new law is part of the new Sustainable Mobility ordinance which seeks to reduce current sidewalk traffic from non-pedestrians like skateboarders and motorized scooterers. The proposed law will ban anyone from riding a skateboard or a motorized scooter on the sidewalks. However, while scooterers are allowed to use the public street, skateboarders are not allowed there either! The only place where skateboarders could even step on their boards would be skateparks! Would you believe that?!?

In an attempt to persuade the government to reconsider this counter effective law skaters from Madrid have started this online petition. Let’s help the skaters in Madrid and make sure they get some extra support for their petition. How would you like getting a €500,- fine for riding your skateboard in the streets? That’s what I thought….. so even though the petition is in Spanish by now you’ll understand the need TO SHOW YOUR SUPPORT AND SIGN THE DAMN PETITION!!!

no way you can keep skateboarding away from the streets, pic. by De los Ricos