Skateboarding becoming an Olympic sport has led to a lot of discussion. Whereas a lot of people believe it will be good for the growth of the ‘sport’ others fear that the Olympics will kill the rebelious and creative spirit that runs so deep within the skateboarding culture. Is skateboarding selling out and will it lose it’s ‘cool factor’? Only time will tell but whichever side of the discussion you find yourself on, one thing cannot be denied: the newfound Olympic status has opened lots of doors for better skatefacilities to become possible! With the Olympic games being held in France in 2024 we can’t wait to see how France wants to support it’s skaters and help them ’train’ for the Olympics. The recently built Vans Park Series pool at the CosaNostra skatepark has given Paris it’s first transition skatepark of international quality. As of yet the French capital has no adequate streetstyle skatepark so there’s still lots of potential to improve the Parisian skatescene. The World Skate organisation has made sure that Tokyo will have permanent skateboarding facilities to give the Olympics a longlasting effect. Let’s hope they do the same for France so that the Parisian skatescene will have permanent, high quality skateparks after the Olympics have left town!

The renderings of the ‘urbansports’ arena look amazing and the location is hard to beat. Set at the Place de la Concorde right besides the Seine and the Grand Palais with the Eiffel tower as a casual backdrop this should be one incredible venue! Seeing France reserve this place for Olympic skateboarding we can’t help but get excited for the Olympics in 2024!