After a ten year long debate the city council of Munich, Germany has committed to building a 3300m2 action sports center. The monumental building of the Eggenfactory will be transformed into a state of the art indoor skatepark with three levels that will also feature a BMX dirt track, a slackfline and parcours section.

Because of a broad consensus amongst the political parties last November 26th the proposed investment budget of € 42 million euro got cleared by the city council. The action sports center will be one of the first steps in the revitalization of the Pasing area with plans for a childrendaycare and a youth center also  in the works.

Munich, Germany’s third biggest city, currently features 30 outdoor skate facilities of which the Hirschgarten bowls are by far the most famous. The new indoor action sports center will enable all 8000 BMX-ers & skateboarders and 2000 parcours athletes of Munich to train throughout the entire year. The action sports center should be open in 2024.

Munich’s famous Hirschgarten bowls