Skatemates are working hard on getting a professional public skatepark in Amsterdam. But because we cannot wait and we need to skate we have started to do it ourselves! At an undisclosed location in the centre of Amsterdam we have worked through snowstorms & rain to clean up an abandoned piece of land with a good concrete floor. Many hours of cleaning, gardening & brickpicking later we are ready to start building!

Want to help Skatemates in creating our own place to skate? We need your support now more then ever! Do-It-Yourself means we can really use all the help we can get, that means yours too! You can help by making a donation so we can pour more concrete. Let’s build our own! Simply use your Paypal account to go to GoFundMe and make your donation. Did you know that just € 25,- buys us one square meter of concrete? Let’s do this!

We have some awesome t-shirts for people who help us out with more then € 50,- so please make a donation & hit us up with your size and adress at if you want one of our limited Skatemates t-shirts…
screaming pigeon colorways lr
diy houthaven bricks
Over 5000 bricks awaiting their makeover into skateable obstacles, we can’t wait!