So Skatemates built a Do It Yourself skatepark this spring and the story got noticed by a TV reporter. In this edit Stan Postmus talks about how most skateparks are of poor quality and how this inspired the DIY crew to build their own place to skate. This interview starts at 39.10 and is part of the TV show ‘Altijd Wat’ and ties the subject to one of the verbs from the legendary Ramses Shaffy song ‘Zing, Vecht, Huil’ (sing, fight, cry) .

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In the case of this DIY mini-documentary they chose to use ‘fight’ because it symbolizes our struggle for good skating infrastructure in Amsterdam. Would you like to support our troops in their quest for a good place to skate? You can still help us reach 100% of our first building session, we’re on 73% so we’re not there yet!