Geoff 5050Slowly but surely we are getting more support for our plans for a large public skate park. Our Facebook pagina is getting more ‘likes’ every single day and we’re getting international attention for our plans for a professional concrete skatepark. The municipality has responded positively to our plans and it doesn’t stop there: Skate Mates recently talked skatepark designs with one of the world’s most legendary street skaters and why a large public skatepark is a good idea for the city of Amsterdam:

“Amsterdam has a long history of skateboard culture, few cities in Europe have hosted as many world class pro and amateur events, all the while without having a permanent skatepark on par with the talent that it has attracted. The rich history, culture and people of Amsterdam are known worldwide, the warm, friendly and welcoming attitude is much appreciated to outsiders, and travellers alike. As soon as a world class skateboard park would be built in the city, I myself would be more than happy to attend and support.”

Wise words from none other than Geoff Rowley from Flip skateboards! Geoff has designed several beautiful streetplazas & skate parks in New York, South Africa and California. Geoff likes to incorporate famous spots in his designs like the Pier 7 manual blocks, the Rincon handrails and the famous Hubba Hide Out ledges in San Francisco. Together with the world famous California skateparks Geoff designs the skate courses for the Maloof Money Cups, the biggest skateboard competitions in the world. You’ll understand that stoke levels are high here at Skate Mates, we feel honored with the support of such a legendary skateboarder!

Geoff fsflipNot a shabby frontside 180 from the lad from Liverpool, supporter of Skatemates!

geoff maloof design nycGeoff Rowley’s streetplaza design for the Maloof Money Cup in New York

geoff rfk designYet another beautiful streetplaza design by Geoff Rowley.

For those who do not know Geoff Rowley (?) check out Johnny Rotten introducing him to you for his part in the Flip video ‘Sorry’ from 2002.