Today saw the introduction of a cool new obstacle at the Olympiaplein. The skaters have been going to the Olympiaplein since 2004, making it one of the more famous skatespots of our nation’s capital. This has little to do with the stainless steel skate obstacles though, the best ‘obstacle’ of this skatepark is undoubtedly the smooth flatground. This and the concrete benches that aren’t even meant to be skated see more action then all the steel obstacles combined. Skaters will always adapt and over the last few years they upgraded the Olympiaplein several times: the old flatbar of SkateparkAmsterdam was put into place, some steel was added to the concrete benches and every now and again some good people bring around some D.I.Y. skateobstacles they made themselves. Hosted by Pop Trading Company , Ben G & the Converse Cons Benelux Team this years first Bring-Your-Own-Beer-Skate-Session saw some good times and a fancy new obstacle, a skateable ‘bakbrommer’, the typical Dutch motorized tricycle! So as you’d expect goodtimes were had, shredding everywhere, beer flowing freely and people lining up for some fancy burrito’s, it was another epic session for the history books, cheers!
cons byobss bakbrommer

Olympiaplein birdsviewbyobss flyer