Folkestone is a port town in the United Kingdom conveniently located right across the Channel. Although this town has ‘only’ 45.273 inhabitants, making it roughly the same size of Beverwijk or Heemskerk, it doesn’t see a problem in creating the world’s first multistory skatefacility! And why wouldn’t it? It’s only an hour away from London and really easy to reach with the ferry from Calais to Dover or by train through the Chunnel from Paris.folkestone sideview

Has the city of Folkestone gone completely mad or do they know something most cities haven’t learned yet? By the looks of the first designs it’s a safe bet that thousands of people will come to Folkestone for this incredible indoor skatepark!

folkestone inside view 1

Guy Hollaway architects is working with the Roger De Haan  trustfund and consulted with skateboarders, BMX-ers and many others to come up with this impressive multistory design. We cannot wait to visit the town of Folkestone so we’ll keep you informed on the progress of this ambitious project!

folkestone overview folkestone inside view 2 folkestone nightview folkestone dayview 1 folkestone streetview