Once again Amsterdam will host an international skateboard contest: the Amsterdamn Open! We hope to draw lots of European skateboarders to our city to have an amazing weekend filled with top notch skating, wicked parties and plenty of goodtimes for all!

The course for the Amsterdamn Open will be built by the people from Skatepark Amsterdam and Pier 15. The street oriented set-up offers riders countless combinations for technical rail tricks, Hubba ledges and a bank-to-bank with an A frame rail next to it. Quarterpipes on each side connect everything together so it’s looking like a promising course for this first edition of the Amsterdamn Open.

Make sure to check out their Facebook, Instagram & Twitter feed to stay informed on the latest news, we’re looking forward to a great skate event in the heart of the city! The Amsterdamn Open is part of the Urbansportsweek Amsterdam
Amsterdamn Open course rendering 3 Amsterdamn Open course renderings 2 Amsterdamn Open course rendering 1